Well….. I’m sitting in the Times Square piano bar in Las Vegas in New York NY getting ready to head back from an amazing Catersource convention. The ideas, the concepts, the connections and excitement I am bringing back to Western MA has got me on the edge of my seat. From menu ideas, new products and floral ideas to speed of service and event production I can’t wait for everyone to experience what’s up my sleeve.



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California Day 1

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What can be said about a trip to Wine Country other than Oh My GOD…It took me 33 years to get there but was it ever worth the wait.  The best restaurants in the country, the most amazing vineyards and did I mention EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN GARDEN.  Yes the French Laundry has its own 1 acre garden across the street from the restaurant.

So after working straight from 8AM Saturday morning, I flew out with some friends to San Francisco on Sunday.  Walked a little, then had lunch at Hubert Keller’s “Burger Bar” in Union Square.  Although tempted to get the $60 Rossini Burger ( Kobe beef with foie gras and shaved truffles) I went with the $22 Hubert Keller Burger ( Buffalo with caramelized onions, baby spinach and blue cheese) and skinny fries… hello hello to happiness.

Dinner on the other hand was one of those “out of this world” experiences.  A 6-course turned 10 dinner at restaurant Gary Danko  REDICULOUS!!!!!!   No other words can describe it.  Rose Veuve by the glass, flawless service and the food…oh the food….I’m still dreaming about the Foie Gras and Mushroom stuffed Quail and a course of soft poached egg, breaded and deep fried, still soft in the center, with greens and white polenta and then a Lemon Soufflé Cake.  I have been following Chef Gary Danko from his days at the Ritz and to taste his food was nothing short of spectacular.

This was all just the first night!!! 

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Block Island Swordfish

As part of my desire to stay fresh and current I have started this blog that I will fill with tons of information, pictures, techniques and I encourage you to do the same!!  My hope is to make this a very interactive blog to work hand in hand with my facebook page (which you should already be a fan), my website, my e-mails and events.  There will always be more written here than other places and I want it to be FUN not dry and boring.  So as comments are left I will respond and may put them on facebook or other places to get people involved.  Please enjoy and THANK YOU for being friends and customers.

As part of my passion for local produce and regional ingredients I am featuring Block Island Swordfish this week as my ingredient of the week.

Swordfish can be caught and served throughout the year but from mid summer to late fall they are landing just north of Block Island here in New England.  Once the fish have migrated north they feast on herring, mackerel and bluefish that give the sword a high fat content and full flavor.  Because there is such abundance it also changes the pricing that we get almost daily.  The vendor I use is very picky on the docks buying only whole fish that is caught within the last 24 hours of a trip, receive a grade A, have a translucent flesh and a bright red blood line.  As “we” portion the swordfish into 10oz. portions we take care, like with all our food, to hold the same standards as the fisherman and FOLEY fish hold to bring the best product to you.   We will feature swordfish on the menu at Lattitude all summer long in several different preparations for all of these reasons.

What’s your favorite way to prepare Swordfish and what’s your favorite summer fish?

Chef Jeff

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